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 Welcome. Wednesday 4th June 2003 5:29am

(01.05.2003) David Quarmby CBE - The end of an era!

After seven years as Deputy Chairman of SLEDA, David Quarmby is moving on. The continued success of SLEDA and South London Business is in no small part due to the support and dedication David has provided since he was approached by London First to stimulate business leadership in South London in 1996.  The Board of Directors would like to record their sincere appreciation for all his hard work.


Having also recently stepped down as Chairman of the British Tourist Authority, David is concentrating his efforts on his appointments with Transport for London and the Strategic Rail Authority. We wish him every success for the future.


Visit our 'Property' page and select the link to the 'Online Property Search'.

(31.03.2003) South London Chambers of Commerce win Business Link contract.

Merton Chamber of Commerce and Business Focus (Bromley) have been awarded a £550,000 contract by Business Link for London to provide support to people waiting to set up in Business. The contract is for three years and recognises the excellence of the business support services provided by Chambers of Commerce in South London. Get Money Now

(21.03.2003) South London speaks with one voice!

South London Business put its views on the Mayor's draft London Plan to the Examination in Public at City Hall today.

There was considerable unanimity of views on the lack of attention paid to South London in the Plan, and real concern from Boroughs, business, trades unions and community groups that the Plan as drafted did not allow for sufficient growth in the South London economy.

The GLA reiterated its original views and it will be for the Examination Panel to consider the arguments and come to their conclusions. David Main, South London Business Chief Executive, said afterwards that "the Plan as its stands virtually ignores South London and suggests that there should be little or no business growth over the next 12 years. We strongly reject this approach; we want to see measured growth in jobs and vibrant towns with sustainable economies  offering local jobs for our residents. We also want to see more investment in our local transport infrastructure, particularly extensions to the Croydon Tramlink. It is important we send out the message that South London welcomes business".

The examination Panel will finish the discussion phase of their work in mid-April. Copies of our original consultation response and our written submission to the Examination in Public are on our Press Release page.

(19.03.2003) National Minimum Wage increased from £4.20 to £4.50

The minimum wage has been increased from £4.20 to £4.50 today. How do you think this will affect jobs in the sub-region? Let us know what you think by voting in our online poll on the left of the screen.

(4.03.2003) First South London Business Annual Dinner

80 key figures from business, local Government and business organisations attended the inaugural South London Business annual dinner on the 4th March. Held in the spectacular London Living Room in City Hall, with it's stunning views over the Capital, the audience heard about the issues facing the business community and what South London Business was doing to tackle them.

Guest Speaker, the Conservative Party's candidate for London Mayor, Steven Norris emphasised the importance of London as a business location and a world city. He went on to say that South London was what makes London work.

But he recognised that there were problems - transport, housing, skills shortage, congestion, urban deprivation, over-regulation. None of these is new, and none mpacts exclusively on south London. These problems are familiar to businesses in the sub-region, and are regularly rehearsed by South London Business. They are concerned with not merely outlining the problems but addressing them actively, and persuading decision-makers in local, regional and national government to actually do something about them.

Norris said that creation of new business opportunities, and retention of existing businesses in the sub-region was crucial to future success. The development of a skilled workforce, the provision of affordable housing and investment in infrastructure were all part of the picture.


Sponsors and South London Business
Chairman and Chief Executive

Standing (L-R): Roy Charles, David Main, Jerry Preston-Ladd (HSBC), Mike Gibbs (HSBC)
Seated (L-R): Sir Bob Scott, Richard Lane (BDO Stoy Hayward)

Steven Norris

(3.02.2003) South London Sites Study awarded to Ove Arup & Partners

Following a competitive tendering process Ove Arup & Partners have been awarded the contract for the South London Sites Review project that South London Business has been awarded LDA funding to complete.

A copy of Ove Arup & Partners proposal can be downloaded as a PDF file from our Press Release page.

(30.01.03) Ken Livinstone visits South London.

Ken Livingstone visits Croydon and Sutton today on a tour of South London. Following a guided tour of Croydon and the Tramlink system, Mr. Livingstone will attend a seminar at the Seacombe Theatre in Sutton. The seminar has been organised by South London Business members the Sutton Business Federation, the Merton Chamber of Commerce and the Croydon Chamber of Commerce. The seminar will inlcude a 'Q & A' session with 100 businesses from across the three boroughs.

(26.01.03) Steven Norris to attend annual South London Business Dinner

Steven Norris has been confirmed as guest speaker at the First Annual South London Business Dinner on March 4th 2003. The event, which is being sponsored by HSBC, will be held in the London Living Room at City Hall - with its stunning views over the Capital. Invited guests from the South London business community will be able to learn about what is happening in the sub-region, network and listen to Mr. Norris' ideas for the Capital.

(13.01.03) LDA Chairman, George Barlow, visits South London

LDA Chairman George Barlow visited South London today for what was a very successful meeting with members of the South London Business Board. Sir BOb Scott and David Main were pleased to welcome Mr. Barlow to the sub-region for an update on South London Business activities and consider how we can work  more closely with the LDA. SLEDA Chairman Sir Bob Scott was "delighted to have the opportunity to introduce South London Business, discuss common issues and explore new avenues of co-operation".

(06.01.03) South London Business supports 'Fuelling Your Business Economy' forum

Chief Executive, David Main, announced today that South London Business is pleased to support the South East London Transport Strategy (SELTRANS) forum - 'Fuelling Your Business Economy'.

The forum has been organised by SELTRANS specifically for fleet managers - both to make them aware of the significant savings that can be made by converting fleets to cleaner fuels and to offer advice on how to manage fleets more efficiently. "Business will only be interested in environmentally friendly options if they benefit the bottom line" argues Main. "The Energy Savings Trust reports that a LPG-fuelled car will travel 74 miles further on £10 of fuel than a petrol driven car. Making businesses aware of the savings that can be made from cleaner fuels is entirely sensible and we endorse this approach fully".

For more information please contact Karen Hall from SELTRANS on 020 8461 7472.

(01.01.03) SLEDA Deputy Chairman, David Quarmby, receives New Year Honour

David Quarmby, Chairman of the British Tourist Authority (BTA) and SLEDA Deputy Chairman has been awarded a CBE for services to tourism. David, 61, has been chairman of the BTA since June 1996 and was also chairman of the English Tourist Board until 1999.

David is also deputy chairman of the Strategic Rail Authority and a board member of Transport for London. In recent years he has been chairman of the Docklands Light Railway, and a director of the New Millenium Experience Company - 'the Dome' - throughout its life from February 1997 to December 2001.

David has an MA from King's College, Cambridge, a Postgraduate Diploma and PhD from Leeds University, and an Hon DSc from Huddersfield Univerity

(17-12-02) South London Business wins LDA funding for Sites Development Project

The London Development Agency (LDA) has approved our funding application for a study of unused and under-used large employment sites across South London. The aim of the study is to identify the barriers to full utilisation and to develop action plans to overcome them. Outputs of the project include:

  • A description of each strategic site
  • An assessment of its potential and the barriers to its development
  • Proposed solutions across the sub-region
  • An action plan to take these forward

A copy of the invitation to tender for this work will shortly be availble to download from the Press Release page.

(29-11-02) High Court endorses South London Business view of airport expansion for Gatwick Airport.

We welcome the recent High Court ruling that the omission of Gatwick Airport from the SERAS airport expansion report was "irrational and unfair". We had just completed our response when the High Court ruled the Government must reconsider its proposals and were pleased to have this endorsement of our view. We had argued from the outset that the Government should consider options for the expansion of Gatwick on the same basis as options for Heathrow, Stansted, Luton and Cliffe. Gatwick is an important element in the continuing prosperity of South London, and the U.K. for that matter.

We have also urged the Government to tackle the problem of aircraft noise in the Biggin Hill area – caused by stacking for Heathrow, not the local airport - so that acceptable and viable development of the airport’s operations may be possible. Biggin Hill is currently an under-valued resource in South London and its commercial development would be a real benefit to the economy of the sub-region.

Let us know what you think! Please email any comments you may have to Ross Feeney, our Policy Advisor. To email Ross please use the link on our ‘Contact Us’ page. Alternatively, for the full text of our response to the SERAS report please check out our Press Release page.

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